Pre arrival shopping

Should you wish to get immediately into the holiday mode and not have the chore of shopping; then for a modest fee we can do a big supermarket shop for you, prior to your arrival. The cost of this service is 10% of the cost  of the shop or a minimum of 15 Euros. We can supply a shopping template for you to fill in, and to add to should you require anything not included on our list.

Catering services

With 15 years of experience in catering for large residential courses, we can produce delicious meals for you when your cooks want an evening off . See typical menus available at the bottom of this page.


We can provide a qualified pilates instructor for groups of 6 to 12 at Le Moulin . The pilates teacher is also a trained masseuse. Prices available on application.

French Tuition

We can provide a French teacher for groups of 4 or more for help with conversational french for intermediate level speakers, sessions of 2-3 hours are recommended.

Art Tuition

We have the facilities, equipment and a tutor to provide half day sessions or drawing and painting for groups of 4 or more.

Guiding in the Mountains

There are 100’s of mountain hikes of all standards. We can provide a guide with excellent local knowledge of the fauna & flora.


Warmed Pear, Walnut & Roquefort Salad

Roast cuisse de canard with a green pepper, orange  and  Grand Marnier Sauce with small roast potatoes, and fresh broccoli

Vanilla cream terrine with a raspberry coulis


Roasted red pepper stuffed with tomatoe, basil & anchovies

Medalians of pork in a Stroganoff sauce with Basmati rice & carrots glazed with maple syrop & pernod

Pears in red wine


Carpacchio of Magret de Canard with a Tomato & Rocket Salad

Poached Wild Pacific Salmon with a Coriander and Pernod Sauce with Parsley Potatoes and Minted Peas

Pavlova with Strawberries and Cream


Melon & Parma Ham

BBQ of Chicken, Sausage and Pure Beef Burgers, with special Materette BBQ Sauce with Baked Potatoes, Tomato & Mozzarella & Green Salads

Tarte Tatin


Mushroom vol au vent on a Rocket salad

Turkey farcis stuffed with sausage and prunes with a Tarragon sauce with cChamp mashed potatoes, Provencale tomatoes & green beans

Tarte aux Armandes ( Bakewell tart)


Saltimbocca with a grapefruit & rocket salad

Chicken breast in a tarragon and lemon sauce with Basmati rice & ratatuoille

Pears with hot chocolate & hazlenut sauce